Falling for Someone Songs – Friends Falling in Love Song

Song: Gravity

By: Entelleckt (Rich Music Records)

Definitely one of those falling for someone songs. I wrote this during the summer after catching up with a good friend and amazing woman who blows away my concept of the perfect mate. I can’t help but be attracted to her more and more as we grow closer.

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Listen closely to the extended metaphors in the first verse. Nearly every line has multiple meanings with references ranging from Italian desserts to physics.

The first time I played Gravity for a group of people, they thought it was a B.o.B song, in a similar vein to Nothing On You, which I took as a compliment.
I hope you enjoy the song and share it with someone who deserves it. As far as falling for someone songs go, hopefully this will make your cut.

And yes…it made the cut of the woman who inspired it.