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Turn Pro: My Top Takeaway from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art


Today I finished reading Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, a book with the power to change refine your thinking. It helps you take the social programming that drives you to perform (or at least show up) at your job daily and use it to advance your aims, goals, and purposes.The War of Art is Grade A brain food. It’s a quick read split into 3 books,

  • Book 1 | RESISTANCE: Defining the Enemy
  • Book 2 | COMBATING RESISTANCE: Turning Pro
  • and Book 3 | BEYOND RESISTANCE: The Higher Realm

Book 2, which focuses on “turning professional” will probably be your favorite part of the book. You’ll learn how to truly love your craft without the pitfall of falling in love with the fruits of your labor. You’ll learn how separating the business You from the artist You (in other words, contracting your artistry out as a product of You, Inc.) helps you defeat Resistance and get things done. You’ll learn the professional mindset.

Book 1 gets you riled up for Book 2. It defines and reveals Resistance, the enemy inside of all of us. Book 3 helps you understand the origin of inspiration.

If you feel you’ve ever been stagnant, give The War of Art
a read and turn pro.